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Hurricane Dorian: Sacramento Kings, Buddy Hield and others join to donate $205,000

Buddy Hield, a native Bahamian, donated $100,000 to relief efforts and is encouraging others to keep the Bahamas in their prayers, and donate if possible.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Along with Buddy Hield's $100,000 donation to assist with relief efforts in the Bahamas, more help is on the way.

The Sacramento Kings Foundation, Buddy Hield Foundation, Ranadivé Foundation, and the Jacobs family are collectively donating $105,000 to UNICEF USA to help those who have impacted by Hurricane Dorian. 

“My heart aches for those impacted by Hurricane Dorian, especially those in my home country of the Bahamas,” said Hield. “My goal is to raise funding to aid in the relief efforts for the communities that have been hit by this devasting hurricane and to help the people of the Bahamas rebuild.”

As Hurricane Dorian continues to pummel the Bahamas, Sacramento Kings' Buddy Hield is asking others to join his donation efforts. Hield is a native Bahamian, hailing from Grand Bahama Island and has already donated $100,000 to support Hurrican Dorian relief. 

"As you know, my country, the Bahamas, has been severely damaged by the Hurricane Dorian. My heart is broken for my fellow Bahamians, especially on the island I was raised on, Grand Bahama," the 26-year-old said on the GoFundMe campaign. "I personally know many people who still need rescuing, and there are thousands without medical help, power, food, or other basic necessities."

Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas on Sunday, Sept. 1 as a Category 5 storm leaving behind catastrophic damage, according to the American Red Cross.

"Bahamians are a strong people, but they still need our help to get them through this," Hield said, promising that any leftover funds will be given to individuals and families who need help rebuilding their lives.

As of 12:23 p.m. Wednesday, 564 donors had raised $25,479 of Hield's one million dollar goal. In addition to the request for funds, his GoFundMe page lists items that the money will be used for.

"Together, our donations can help restore hope, life, and basic human needs to these battered areas," Hield said. 

Hield isn't the first Kings player to help his hometown in a time of need. De'Aaron Fox, who grew up in Houston, but was born in New Orleans, donated $25,000 to the Rice Men's Basketball Flood Relief Fund. On top of that, the Sacramento Kings and its fans donated at least $100,000 to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Sacramento Kings fans interested in helping can head to www.kings.com/DisasterRelief where all funds raised will go towards Hurricane Dorian relief efforts.


The Buddy Hield Foundation will oversee how the supplies are used and given out to those in need, according to the GoFundMe page. 

In addition to Hield's support, the Red Cross is assisting as always. To donate, click here.

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