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‘Light the Beam’ candle celebrates Kings season

A Sacramento candlemaker created a purple, glittery candle to cheer on her team. Little did she know how far the Kings — and her candles — would go!

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Saturday Update:

The candles are now sold out, Fish & Chip Craft Co. owner Marissa Greenband reports. While she plans on bringing it back for next season, she is sold out for this season and doesn’t plan on making more at this time.

Original Story:

One Sacramento candlemaker is letting people literally light their own beam with a purple, glittery candle that boasts a unique blend of scents to celebrate the Kings' successful season.

“It’s citrus, sandalwood, musk, amber, basketball and winning,” said Marissa Greenband.

She started her candle company Fish & Chip Craft Co. five years ago and came up with an idea back in February, while watching the Kings play away on TV.

“It just hit me. Like, I feel like I could do something with this. I don’t usually make candles that have color or glitter or anything like that in them, so I was like, 'that’s pretty far off from what I usually make. I’m not sure if people will really like this,’” she said. “I gave it a try and then I kept selling the little small batches I was making at first and realized that other people are just as excited as I am about how the Kings are doing… None of us knew how far we’d get, and it’s really exciting to celebrate how far the team has come.”

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The candle is called ‘Light the Beam.’

“There’s the Sacramento city skyline on either side,” she said, showing off the candle’s lable. “You actually light the beam! You actually have to light the candle, and it’s not until you light the candle that you can actually see the wax on top turns, like, a darker purple and then it starts to glitter out from the center, where it’s lit.”

Kings aren’t the only ones who have been winning this season.

“In five years of running my business, I’ve never sold so much of one candle,” she said. “We’re well over 200 Light the Beam candles that are out there.”

Greenband's stock is running low, having fewer than 50 left for sale ahead of Game 6, Friday. 

“That’s it for the season,” she said. “I’m already thinking of what this could look like for next season.”

Greenband ships and offers free local pickup. More information is available on her website HERE.

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