Garrett Temple has been a familiar face in Oak Park, spending precious off-days on the campus of Sacramento Charter High School, with the goal of engaging conversations with students about their concerns, tough life choices and views on the world.

Earlier in the season the Kings forward chose to take Sac High under his wing.

He adopted the school whose student base consists predominantly of African-American youth and he's looking to help lead tough, real-life discussions about the trials and tribulations they face as teenagers.

"I wanted to allow the high schoolers to talk," Temple told ABC10. "We had a lot of people that had a lot to say. I think they understood it was a real discussion; a free discussion."

Topics of conversation ranged from the school's dress code, to racism, gay discrimination, politics and how to effectively communicate with those with differing opinions and ideals.

Kings' forward Garrett Temple listens to students on Wednesday afternoon during a group discussion at Sacramento Charter High School. (PHOTO: Sean Cunningham - ABC10/KXTV)

Group discussions earlier in the school season were larger and consisted of school athletes. Wednesday's group setting was much more intimate, with 15 students who were among some of the brightest academic minds on the campus.

Temple and the students even went through the Kings schedule trying to find a couple more free days in the coming weeks to meet again.

He and Galen Duncan, Vice President of Kings Academy and Professional Development, encouraged those students to each bring a peer who they felt might benefit from the discussion.

After the session, which lasted about an hour and a half, Temple and Duncan promised to treat the group to an upcoming trip to the new hit movie "Black Panther."

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