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San Francisco 49ers give Kyle Shanahan to multi-year contract extension

Everybody probably saw this one coming, but one year after leading the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl, head coach Kyle Shananan signed a contract extension.

SAN FRANCISCO — After leading the team to the Super Bowl and improving the team's offensive and defensive rankings, the San Francisco 49ers signed head coach Kyle Shanahan to a multi-year contract extension on Monday.

On Feb 6, 2017, Shanahan was hired as the 49ers' head coach. Two years later, Sporting News and the Committee of 101 named Shanahan as Coach of the Year after he led the team to the Super Bowl against the Kansas City Chiefs.  

The 49ers had a nine-win improvement in 2019 from the previous season. Officials said it was the most significant win improvement in its franchise history.

Team officials credited Shanahan for improving the 49ers defense during his tenure. The teamed ranked 32nd in the NFL in net yards per game before climbing to 2nd place in the league under Shanahan's first year as the team's coach. 

Shanahan also improved the 49er's offensive rankings as well. The team ranked 31st in the league the year before Shanahan's arrival. The team ranked fourth in offense in the NFL for the 2019  season.

Shanahan possesses nine years of experience as an offensive coordinator that spans across multiple NFL teams: The Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, the Washington Red Skins and the Houston Texans.  

Shanahan signed with the 49ers after helping guide the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl. 



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