Tickets for your 'right' price are generally difficult to come by, especially depending on the amount of people you're bringing to a game. But if you're a fan of dumpster fire teams, this late into a season, it could be a great opportunity to capitalize on tickets.

On Thanksgiving day, Washington Redskins tickets are going as low as $7.21, according WUSA who got their information from StubHub prices The tickets range from $7 to $325, but they are not the only team with low prices at the moment -- one northern California based team is among them.

We took a look into the San Francisco 49ers ticket prices with the team boasting a 1-9 record, making them one of the worst in the NFL. The 49ers only have three more games remaining at Levi's Stadium this season, so how cheap is it to watch them play?

Though the team doesn't play on Thanksgiving day, like Washington, the team will be at home this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks with tickets prices starting as low as $28.88, according to StubHub prices. The 49ers next home game is on Sunday Dec. 17, against the Tennessee Titans, with tickets going as low as $19.95.

For all of those people still searching for Christmas gifts, well if they're a 49ers fan, then you may be in luck. The 49ers host the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, with the lowest ticket prices starting at $12, according to StubHub.

Just to give a comparison, the lowest home StubHub ticket price for their Bay Area rival Oakland Raiders is their matchup against the New York Giants starting at $70.

Ticket prices are subject to change, so get them as soon as possible.

It's not surprising 49ers tickets are this low, -- since the team is really really bad -- but a great gift for an affordable price, you cannot beat this deal. And who knows, the 49ers may surprise you on the field.