BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - Fans from out of town are really starting to flood into the Twin Cities.

First stop for many is Mall of America. You can see people wearing jerseys from every team in the league…with a heavy bias on Patriots and Eagles, of course. We went on the hunt for fans of the Super Bowl teams.

“We just got in right now. We’re fresh on the scene,” says Gino Rutuolo.

If you couldn’t tell by his head to toe Patriots gear, then you certainly couldn’t miss the thick accent. Gino is from Boston. Mall of America was the first place he and his wife stopped. They weren’t the only ones.

Pete Markarian, also a Patriots fan, made the mega mall his first stop, too. Mostly because the now-Florida resident didn’t bring winter clothes. We asked if he planned to go shopping for a new coat.

“Going over to REI next,” said Markarian.

Die-hard Eagles fan Caroline Sabatini doesn’t even have tickets to the game, she just wanted to be in town, soaking up the atmosphere.

“I think the birds are going all the way this year. We’re the underdogs and it’s our year to make history,” she said.

And it’s not just Pats and Eagles fans. We ran into a Denver Broncos fan who has been to 12 of the last 17 Super Bowls and only one time did he actually go to the game.

“I love Super Bowl week in the host city. It’s a great winter vacation,” said Ron Katz.

This year is one of those years that he doesn’t have tickets to the game.

"If someone out there is kind enough, and has an extra ticket, and wants me to go, I wouldn’t say no,” he said.

Yeah, good luck with that one Ron.

Some fans came here with no tickets in hand but a heart full of hope.

The gamble paid off for Eagle's season ticket-holder Mike Apt.

“We got them about a half hour ago so we're really excited,” he said.

He and his brother paid $3,000 a piece for them.

“I love my wife for letting me do this,” he said.

We promised him his wife wouldn’t see the story so he could make up some other number to tell her.

“Believe me, I will,” he laughed.

Though most folks have only been here for a hot second, so far, we're making a good impression.

“Great food so far, great people. We love it,” said Gino.

Gino…we love you too.