Qualifying for the Olympic trials at age 50, one woman is set to accomplish this feat.

She's not "old", but 50-year-old Molly Friel is the "second oldest" woman to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials.

Back in December, the Fresno woman finished the California International Marathon in less than three hours. She crossed the finish line in Sacramento with a time of 2:43:57, which is about two minutes faster than the required qualifying time.

"My husband was at the corner and he was yelling, 'You are going to do it'!", said Friel. "I looked at the clock and knew I was going to do it."

The only other woman over the age of 50 to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials in history was 54-year-old Sister Marion Irvine in 1984.

This is the third time Friel has qualified for the Olympics. The first was in 2004, then again in 2016, and each time was a struggle. Injuries have continued to plague her since high school.

"I'm originally from Montana and ran the mile and two mile. I think I was over trained and had a lot of injuries," said Friel, discussing those injuries which kept her from making the team in college.

For the next few years she'd rarely put on her running shoes.

"I started to get fat," she said.

But Friel eventually started running again and in 2001 she ran her first marathon.

"I didn’t really train," she said.

Friel got serious about the marathon, but after placing 87th in the 2004 Olympic trials, old injuries resurfaced.

"I got a stress fracture in my pelvis then in my feet," she said.

Friel couldn't’ compete in the 2008 or 2012 Olympic trials due to injuries, but the long rest allowed her to get her pace back.

"Well I think being injured for as long as I was... those five or six years actually gave me a longer shelf life," said Friel.

These days her dog buster helps keep pace on her run through Woodward Park.

"He dictates where I go," she said.

She's in this sport for the long run, but the long run for her doesn't necessarily mean the Olympics.

"Tokyo? That's a long flight!" Friel said jokingly. "Even if I don't go. Making it to the trials is pretty good to me."