A Stockton man is adding another gold medal to his collection. His sport? wingsuit flying, a more extreme form of skydiving.

For the second straight year Chris Geiler is the world champion in the extreme sport that's growing in popularity, beating out 37 other flyers from around the world. The Australian claimed the gold medal last week in Overton, Nevada, at the second FAI World Cup.

"Skydiving is huge in the states," Geiler said. "It's the whole reason why I first came here to start jumping."

The United States swept in the performance category which uses GPS to score flyers on their horizontal distance, flight time and speed as they zoom across the sky.

"This is the premier event for sure," Geiler said of the competition, "It's kind of like the Olympics of wingsuiting. There's nothing else really bigger that's globally contested."

The 38-year-old describes the initial feeling of jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet as "censory overload." Geiler has recorded an estimated 3,700 jumps fo far, but he sees himself adding a couple hundred more.

"I couldn't see myself stopping. It's more than just the jumping," Geiler said. "It's the community and it's a really close knit of people and it brings together people from all walks of life.It's pretty unique jumping out of an airplane together with people and risking your life together. It's something that you've shared and that brings you closer."

*Correction: a previous version of this story stated that Geiler is from Lodi. The story has been corrected to note that Geiler is from Stockton.

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