It is a Christmas miracle for one Arizona family after their lost pup, Shiva, was found in Folsom.

ABC10 called Kira Parra who is Shiva's owner on Facetime so the two could see each other.

"Shiva! Baby Girl!" Parra said to her 2-year-old pup.

It has been a month since Shiva went missing and when she heard her owners voice, her ears perked up. Parra said she never thought she would see her dog again.

"We were just hoping someone picked her up," Parra said.

Shiva was in an accident in Quartzsite, Arizona the first week of November. Parra couldn't believe her dog ended up over 600 miles away in Folsom.

"I almost started crying when I heard the news, it was definitely amazing," Parra said.

Four women have teamed together to make sure the pup gets home safe. Colleen Aurnig is the Good Samaritan who found Shiva roaming the streets of Folsom.

"It was the right thing to do and I am so thankful it wasn't hit by a car and gets a happily ever after," Aurnig said.

Once Aurnig found Shiva she took her to animal control officer, Cindy Walden. The dog was scanned immediately and a chip was found. Walden posted Shiva's story on Facebook and a man reached out and said he had picked the dog up in Quartsite Arizona while visiting and took it with him to his home in Folsom.

While Shiva was in his care in Folsom, she escaped and that is when Aurnig found her. Since Walden discovered the original owners, she asked the community to help get the dog back to Arizona. That is when Susan Leu stepped up.

"I immediately said I will pay the $350 for the dog to get back to Arizona," Leu said.

The Parra family said they are eternally grateful and can't wait to see their furry friend Thursday night.

"To see the support to get this pup home and the outpouring from Susan's organization, this is why people in animal control do what they do to make things like this happen," Officer Walden said.

Shiva made sure to thank everyone with lots of kisses. Her family and animal control said this reunion would not have been possible without up to date records on the microchip. They stressed the importance of the microchip and keeping records up to date.