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Michelin, GM show off airless tires that prevent flats and blowouts

These tires could be available to the public in just a few years.

Editor's note: The above video from December 2018 shows the safest new cars you can buy right now.

General Motors has teamed up with Michelin to develop the "Uptis," a tire that aims to prevent flats and blowouts.

This is possible because there's no air to begin with.

The companies introduced the prototype Tuesday, reports the Detroit Free Press.

Uptis stands for Unique Puncture-proof Tire System. Michelin saysthe airless tires use less materials and reduce waste. The tires should also last longer than a regular tire, GM says, because there will be no need to worry about overinflation or underinflation.

Real-world testing is expected later this year, but it will likely be a few years before consumers will find them installed on any GM vehicle up for sale on a lot.

The price point has not been announced.