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Gas prices reach $6 per gallon in California and it could last throughout the summer

California's state average for one gallon of gas has officially crossed the $6 average and is showing no signs of slowing down.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Skyrocketing gas prices have Californians experiencing some pain at the pump, and experts say those prices aren't coming down any time soon.

California's state average for one gallon of gas officially crossed the $6 average, and it begs the question as to why people are seeing this rise in gas prices. 

"A lot of what we've been seeing is a culmination of many different issues that are taking place," said Patrick De Haan, petroleum analyst of Gas Buddy. "The price of oil is going up because of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and COVID, but also a kink in the chain refineries and just not enough capacity."

When it comes to the summertime, Haan believes prices will be in the same ballpark as today regarding Sacramento, however gas prices are also predicted to be at their highest level ever seen in California. 

Gas and fuel prices could range between $5.50 to maybe as high as $6.50 during the summer.

For anyone worried about these prices, there are different ways that you can minimize the effect of high gas prices such as downloading Gas Buddy or Google or Waze and looking for those lower prices.

Also, driving a little slower on the road and slowing down five to 10 miles an hour can actually boost your car's fuel efficiency by 10% to 20%.

"States like Arizona and Nevada tend to have far cheaper prices, so if you're heading down the road this summer, be sure to fill up outside the state," Haan said. 

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