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Gas prices in Sacramento spiked overnight

The new average price for a gallon of gas in California is $6.18, according to AAA.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gas prices in Northern California skyrocketed once again, surpassing $6 per gallon and nearing $7 per gallon at some gas stations in Sacramento.

The new average price for a gallon of gas in California is $6.18, according to AAA. That's a 15 cent increase from Wednesday's average and a 67 cent increase from one week ago. A gallon of regular gas at Chevron on Florin Road and South Land Park Drive was $6.69 on Thursday. 

"I think that it's ridiculous. It costs way too much money, and it's putting Californians in the hole," said Adam Hewson, who was filling up his work van.

Hewson drives across Northern California on a daily basis for work and spent $90 to fill up his work van. He said sometimes he has to fuel up twice a day and that the high prices are not sustainable for many Californians.

"I usually drive a bigger van and that's about $130 - $140 to fill the tank," said Hewson. "I don't know how some people are even doing it. Really, you've got to weigh the options. Are you gonna eat? Are you gonna put gas in your car?"

Another motorist, Mike Whelan, told ABC10 he also spent $90 to fill up his SUV. 

"It was shocking. I thought gas was in the $5 range, so I was surprised," said Whelan. 

"The gas is too high. They need to change it," said John Benedict, who spent $130 to fill up his gas tank. "We'll get through anything, but it's ridiculous." 

AAA Northern California told ABC10 that unexpected and planned maintenance is driving up the price of gas because it's affecting the supply of oil. To conserve fuel, they recommend driving the speed limit, making sure your tires are inflated and combining errands into one trip. 

"It makes no sense for us to be this much higher than what the national average is," said Frank Scales, another frustrated driver. 

AAA says once the refineries are back up and running, hopefully supply will go up, lowering the price at the pump.


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