The rain season has caused a lot of inconvenience for drivers, particularly the road conditions.

The roads have been so poor in 2017 that earlier this week Gov. Jerry Brown and leaders of the California Legislature proposed a $52 billion plan to fix California's roads.

One of the main factors of the poor road conditions are obviously, potholes.

According to Sacramento County, water (typically rain) and traffic causes potholes to appear.

Water seeps into the surface of roadway cracks that goes does to the base and the soil under it becomes saturated with the water which then turns from hard soil into mud. Traffic affects it due to extra weight from trucks increasing the amount of potholes on roadways.

Many of us ride over, stop or may nick potholes everyday and don't realize the short or long-term affects it has on our cars - which makes pothole damage a potential nightmare for many parts of cars.

The list of parts affected includes tire puncture (flat tires), damage or wear, wheel rim damage, exhaust system damage, engine damage, steering system misalignment, suspension damage and premature wear on shocks and struts, according to auto care provider Firestone.

There are also signs to know when damage has occurred to those parts. Your tires sidewall can bulge, the rims could be dented or bent, the undercarriage can be dented or punctured which means fluid leaks, and the exhaust system could be causing weird noises.

The dreaded reality is that vehicles do sustain some type of damage and it's out of your control to some extent. Potholes are fixable by cleaning them out then replacing it with new asphalt and compacting it to roadway level.

But since fixing isn't always the case, for your vehicle's sake, your best bet is to try avoiding them and drive safe.

If you're in Sacramento County and want to report a pothole on an unincorporated street or roadway just call 311 or 875-4311 or report online at