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No one wants to be caught in a traffic jam.

However, according to a new study from Wallet Hub, the average driver spends 290 hours on the road per year. That's the equivalent of seven full work weeks for full-time employees.

Those traffic jams don't only cost you time, but they cost you money, as well.

In fact, the average driver burns through $1,700 yearly on wasted time and fuel due to traffic jams.

Wallet Hub surveyed people in the 100 largest cities in America about their commute, gas prices, time spent in traffic and the number of auto shops per capita. Sacramento ranked right in the middle, at 53rd on the list. Detroit ranks number one on the list for the worst overall driver experience, followed closely by San Francisco.

If you're looking for the best overall driver experience, you'd have to move to Raleigh, North Carolina.

The next two cities with the best overall driver experience were Corpus Christi, Texas, and Orlando. Los Angeles, not surprisingly, tops the list for the longest time stuck in traffic, making living in Sacramento that much more attractive.