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Tips for Protecting Your Tires During the Summer

With our summer temperatures, the heat may cause damage to your tires. JJ Maldonado spoke with local tire experts on what to look for as the temperatures increase.

The extreme temperatures of the summer heat will affect the tires of your vehicle. But there are a few things you can do at home that will save you time and money.

As the thermometer rises, so does the tire pressure on your set of wheels.

Tom Jones, the manager of Tom’s Tire Pros, said this may cause severe damage to your vehicle.

“As you get over-inflated, you tend to have more separations, more blowouts, more problems,” Jones said.

There are several warning signs mechanics will look at when inspecting your tires. Chone Gomez, who works with tires daily said there are a few that are essential – such as tire pressure.

“Usually, if you don’t know how much air to put on, you can check the door handle and it will show you right there on the side how much air,” Gomez said.

As for the age of the tire, Gomez recommends not going more than five years for brand and four years for off-brands.

And there’s an easy way to tell, right on the side of the tire.

“The second week of 2016, it came out of the factory,” Gomez said.

And don’t disregard the treading of the tire. Look for what’s called a wear indicator.

“That will let you know how low your tire is,” Gomez said.

The idea is to not be able to see or touch it.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an easier way to deal with tire pressure, nitrogen is now an option.

“Stays the same temperature, no matter how far you drive and they don’t overheat and they don’t over-inflate,” Jones said.

Jones recommends that you check your air pressure daily so your vehicle doesn’t end up on the racks.

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