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3 ways to conserve water

Small changes to water usage can make a big difference in our efforts to conserve water.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Most of California is now under extreme drought conditions after Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the emergency proclamation expansion earlier this week.

While there are no mandatory water conservation rules in place, it doesn't hurt to start saving water now.

These aren't super-glamorous, but small changes in our everyday lives can make a big difference in our efforts to conserve water.

1. Avoid flushing your toilet when you can

According to the Stanford Magazine, the average person flushes five times a day. Depending on your make and model of your toilet every flush uses 1.5 to 7 gallons of water.

2. Only use dishwashers and washers when they're full

According to Home Water Works, a dishwasher uses 15 gallons of water each use, and a washer can use 15 to 45 gallons each use.

3. Avoid baths

Stanford Magazine says that the average bath uses around 70 gallons of water while a 15-minute shower uses 10 to 15 gallons of water.

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The drought in California has been growing for two years and now 14% of the state is in "Exceptional" drought. That is the top-level category from the U.S. drought monitor. Drought in California is different from any other state because of our unique wet and dry season as well as system of capturing and moving water around the state. The U.S. Drought monitor recognizes this and lists specific impacts for each state so the public and policymakers know what may happen in the future for impacts on health and the economy.