It's been a long and dreary Winter, but this week the sunshine has returned.  And you are in luck, it seems the sunshine will be with us through the weekend along with some pretty warm temperatures.  We're expecting the 70's this weekend in the valley.

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So, if you're thinking about doing a little yard work or sprucing up your flowers in the yard, what should you do first?  Tracy Humphrey spoke with Greg at the Plant Foundry in Sacramento. He's an excellent resource on how and where to get started. 

STEP 1: Make a plan

"Break down what you're trying to get accomplished along with a budget.  Think about what you're going to do. What do you wanna do with that space?"

STEP 2: Assess your soil.  It's all good.  

"You're essentially giving vitamins and nutrients to your potential plants. It never hurts to add organic composts.

STEP 3: Check your irrigation

"Some people have drip irrigation. You wanna check those all the times. We have temperature extremes and things can break during the winter months.  Also, make sure your hoses are in good order." 

STEP 4:  Invest in a good fertilizer

"This is to help new plants get off to a good start."  

STEP 5: Clean up the areas around your home.  

"A general cleanup of leaves and debris. Making sure we're getting rid of dead or old branches."  

Good luck and enjoy your weekend!