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Worries grow over building collapses in El Dorado Co. due to snow loading

The concern continues to grow that more collapses are possible with the switch from snow to rain this week.

CAMINO, Calif. — In addition to flooding, another concern in the foothills is the weight of the snow combined with the incoming rain on homes and businesses. It's called snow loading, and it could bring the potential for a roof collapse.

There is a massive concern for roof collapse in the coming days. El Dorado County Fire Protection District released a special announcement about snow loading to community and even shoveled their own roofs on Tuesday.

However, for residents like Earl Reese, Tuesday’s break in the storm is one of the only days to get ahead.

“Rain Wednesday and Thursday. I’m just trying to clean it off (the roof) because I guess the rain will probably make it a lot more heavy than it is,” said Reese.

Over the last week, firefighters in El Dorado County have seen several buildings collapse like the one off Carson Road. It prompted a warning for people to shovel roofs before the rain arrives in order to prevent sagging, cracks and total collapse.

Reese says this is the worst winter he’s experienced in the 11 years he’s lived in Pollock Pines.

“I have to uncover the vent for our propane heater because, if I don’t, we don’t have any propane,” said Reese.

He considers himself lucky to live at the top of Rim and Hub Street, so he can get out while his neighbors remain trapped by the unplowed roads.

“I haven’t been able to get out of here until at least last Wednesday, that’s the last time I’ve been out and I’m shoveling everyday but I’m getting too old,” said Reese.

El Dorado County Fire Protection District Chief Tim Cordero says the roofs on homes and businesses in El Dorado County are not designed to hold the weight of this much snow.

“The amount of snow you see right now in El Camino is not normal,” says Chief Cordero.

The fire chief says they are switching over to swift water rescue and preparing for the upcoming rain and what they anticipate could be many calls this weekend.


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