The 4 year historic drought in California has seen some major improvement this rainy season and millions of people are seeing slow but steady recovery.

An update to the U.S. drought monitor came out this morning and declared a large area of Central California, from roughly Sacramento to Fresno, slightly improved regarding the drought.

They have many classifications of drought, but the top level drought is called D4-Exceptional drought. At the beginning of the water year for California in October, 46 percent of the state was in top level drought. With the latest update, we are now down to 21 percent.

In a week-to-week improvement, that means more than 3 Million people in places like Stockton, Modesto, Fresno, and Tracy have seen some improvement with the drought.

It's still important to mention that those areas are still considered in Extreme drought, but just as it took years to get into this drought, it will take years to get out.

As a side note, the big reservoirs still continue to see improvement with the two largest in California, Shasta and Oroville, well over 90 percent for the year and at least a month before the traditional high water mark for the year.