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California just got more aggressive on its water conservation efforts

Some types of watering were just declared banned or restricted after an unanimous vote by the State Water Resources Control Board.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The State Water Resources Control Board adopted emergency water conservation regulations on Tuesday in response to the Gov. Gavin Newsom's recent Executive Order.

According to the regulation, certain types of watering will now be banned or more restricted. This includes:

  • A ban on watering of non-functional turf in the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors
  • A requirement for local agencies to implement water use restrictions because of the possibility water supplies may be up to 20% lower amid extreme weather.

“Californians needs to step up on conservation efforts. I am hopeful the measures enacted by the State Water Board will lead to a reduction of water use across the state," Newsom said on Tuesday. "These conservation measures are increasingly important as we enter the summer months. I’m asking all Californians to step up, because every single drop counts.”

The move was also met with support from Regional Water Authority, which represents 21 water providers in the Sacramento region.

“We support the State Water Board’s action today as California endures a third year of serious drought. The resolution focuses on local actions, providing water suppliers with flexibility to implement Stage 2 of their Water Shortage Contingency Plans, and also makes an exception for trees in guidelines for fallowing non-functional turf in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors," Jim Peifer, executive director, said in a news release.

Peifer said that Sacramento is part of a larger integrated statewide water system that is under stress and the water authority is prepared to do its part.

“Today, as we enter the peak water use season, we are calling on residents and businesses to do their part to conserve by reducing sprinklers by two minutes each cycle while continuing to water your trees," Peifer said. "In addition, take steps to stop water waste both inside and outside your home and business. About a third of landscape water is lost due to overwatering and evaporation. Although there are many ways to save water at home, conserving water outdoors can make the biggest difference of all—especially as we head into the hot summer months where household use doubles or triples compared to winter use."

Water saving tips can be found at www.saveourwater.com. For the latest on drought, please visit drought.ca.gov.

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