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Plumas County resort closes through Friday morning due to earthquake aftermath

Plumas Pines Resort cleaning up damage after quake toppled liquor bottles and broke glassware.

PLUMAS COUNTY, Calif. — Plumas County businesses are cleaning up damage left behind by the magnitude 5.5 earthquake that hit the area near Lake Almanor Thursday afternoon.

The quake's rumbles could be felt as far as Sacramento, which is about a 3-hour drive from the epicenter.

Plumas Pines Resort, located right along the lake near the epicenter of the earthquake, spent the afternoon cleaning up toppled liquor bottles and broken glassware in their restaurant. 

"A lot of broken glass, a lot of broken dishes, a lot of broken liquor from upstairs," said Front of House Manager Stephanie Hughes, recounting the damage to the restaurant.

Hughes and Lead Server Alexandra Platanitis were there when the quake hit just before 4:20 p.m.

"It felt like my feet gave way underneath me, like the deck just collapsed, twice. Everything was shaking. Customers were fleeing onto the lawn," said Hughes. 

"It just hit fast and the lights went out and everything was shaking. Glass was flying everywhere," said Platanitis, who was inside.

Hughes told ABC10 they have not seen any structural damage to their building.

She said the resort is hoping to get the restaurant back up and running by Friday afternoon after cleaning up more of the damage in the morning.  

Dr. Angie Lux, project scientist with Earthquake Early Warning and Berkeley Seismology Lab, said this was a moderate earthquake that happened at a more shallow depth.

"This particular one happened closer to the surface of the earth, so that just meant that some of the shaking may have been a little stronger for people who are closer to that earthquake epicenter," said Lux.

Dr. Lux says today's events are a reminder that California is earthquake country.


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