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Some staying, most leaving as San Joaquin River floodwaters engulf a Lathrop mobile home park

Evacuation orders remain in effect for the Haven Acres Mobile Home Park near Lathrop

LATHROP, Calif. — As water surrounds her home thanks to the overflowing San Joaquin River, Silvia Martinez decided she'll be heading out.

"I'm gonna leave. I was on vacation, came back and this is what I came back to. So, I got to go," said Martinez in her car.

Water engulfed the Haven Acres Mobile Home Park near Lathrop. There are 27 mobile homes with levees protecting them.

Martinez has lived at the mobile home park nine years and suffered damage from a flood in 2017.

"Last time, I was displaced for about seven months. I paid a lot of money for renovations," she said.

Now, the mobile home park swimming pool itself is underwater, and an SUV hooked up to a boat is surrounded by water.

The San Joaquin River has inundated the mobile home park for over a week. But not everyone is obeying the orders to leave.

Della Parsley hasn't left. She's been at the mobile home park four years with her partner, who has been there more than 20 years. Her garage is flooded.

Power was turned off, but their generator is keeping the lights on.

"I guess the concerns for the government would be if there would be a medical emergency or whatever and most of those people left. So, we're pretty calm actually," said Parsley.

San Joaquin County stresses the evacuation order is important for a number of reasons.

"There could be logs and things that are under the water that people don't know about. And, these are waters that we haven't seen in a very long time," said Tiffany Heyer, director for the San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services.

While the river is just above flood stage, it could get potentially get much worse this spring if the historic snowpack melts too quickly.


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