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Frost Advisory issued overnight: How to prevent frost damage in sensitive plants

The first frost of the year could impact the central valley following a major storm
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Close-up Of Frost On Grass

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Cool weather is expected to stick around following a beneficial storm that dropped up to 2" of rain in the valley and a few feet of snow in the Sierra.

With cloud cover starting to decrease as the low pressure system tracks east, cold morning temperatures are expected. The storm system brought very cold air to the region and the lack of clouds in the coming days will result in near freezing morning temperatures in the valley. 

The valley's Tule Fog could make its first appearance of the year as well due to clear skies and high relative humidity values.

The National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory the Sacramento Valley and the northern counties of the San Joaquin Valley. Temperatures from 30-38 degrees are expected in the valley and NWS recommends taking steps now to protect sensitive plants and bring pets indoors.

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The first frost of the season marks the end of the growing season for most plants. Steps can be taken to prevent frost damage, including covering sensitive plants with a blanket or moving smaller plants indoors. The cover provided by a blanket or a sheet can add a few degrees of protection on nights where the temperature isn't expected to get much below freezing.

The UCCE Master Gardeners of Sacramento County identified particularly at risk plants, including citrus, succulents, tender perennials, tropical and subtropical plants.

Sacramento expects its first frost of the season on Dec. 10, so if this frost advisory validates, it would mark an early first frost of the season.


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