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Temperatures could drop to upper 20s in some locations as Frost Advisory issued for Northern California

Cold temperatures after Thursday's storm will create frost for low-lying areas.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Another twist in Northern California's return to winter weather is cold air moving in quickly Thursday night.

A Frost advisory has been issued for late Thursday through Friday morning. Frost advisories are helpful reminders to bring some plants inside before you go to bed Thursday as the cold temps arrive when most are sleeping. Frost can also easily appears on windows for cars left outside and on some walkways, making them slippery.

After midnight for many Sacramento and Northern San Joaquin Valley locations, the temperatures will drop close to the freezing level. When water in plants freezes, it expands and can damage delicate and sensitive plants when frost is created.

Early morning temperatures between 2 a.m. and 10 a.m. Friday will be cold, dropping as low as upper 20s in some locations just before sunrise.

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There are two more serious levels of cold warnings. A freeze warning indicates several hours below 32 and can be a problem for plants, pets and some outdoor exposed pipes. A hard freeze warning is several hours below 28 degrees with more widespread issues related to frozen or killed plants, major discomfort for some pets and more potential for frozen pipes.


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