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Water levels in Folsom Lake heading into the Memorial Day weekend

Low water levels limiting access to Folsom Dam boat launches.

FOLSOM, Calif. — Memorial Day weekend is approaching, but some regular recreation spots have seen some changes recently.

At Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, officials say some usual sites won't necessarily be the same as year's past. If you thought you might bring your boats or jet skis to Folsom Lake, you may want to think twice. Water levels have been so low, boats have already docked out of water in the dry storage parking areas.

A five mph speed limit has been implemented for boaters to avoid damaging their boats, or worse, crashing and capsizing. A big concern for park officials are the protruding trees, branches, and rocks in the waterways.

"Obviously, people are not happy that we have the speed limit in place, but its there for the safety of the boaters" Folsom Sector Superintendent Richard Preston-LeMay said. "When we get below 400 feet, we have so many hazards below the lake shore and in the lake that its not realistic for us to mark every single hazard."

Right now, nine of Folsom Lake State Recreation Park boat launch areas are currently closed. Four remain open. 

Credit: CA state parks

While water levels are remarkably low at Folsom Dam, Lake Natoma does have a steady flow of water. Motorized boats are still limited to five mph, though.

State parks officials say Memorial Day weekend is expected to reach capacity around 11 a.m. each day. If you plan on heading out, make sure to get in early. Daily parking is $12 a vehicle at Folsom Lake, and $10 at Lake Natoma.

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