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No rain since May 26, but water levels are still high

A healthy Sierra snowpack and spring rain are providing plenty of water for agriculture and recreation this summer.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A hot weekend will get many of us thinking of getting relief at area lakes and rivers.

Cathy Adams sent in this photo to our ABC10 Weather Force. On a walk with her pups near Granite Bay, she noticed the healthy water levels at Folsom Lake.

Credit: Cathy Adams

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Here’s a look at our major Northern California reservoirs. All of them are running close to capacity and well above average.

Credit: KXTV
Credit: KXTV

Late season snow in the Sierra Nevada mountains helped renew the spring and early summer runoff into these storage facilities, giving us plenty of water for the dry months.

Even though the snowmelt has dropped off, water temperatures remain cold. 

Bob Asquith sent this photo to our Weather Force from Tuolumne Meadows. You can see the rushing Tuolumne or “Mighty T” as he calls it, roaring down the Yosemite hillside.

Credit: Bob Asquith

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