SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The 2018-19 California rain season will close with some good and some great news.

June 30, 2019, marks the end of the California rainy season, which began July 1, 2018. The year got off to a slow start, but then ramped up around January and February throughout California.

In particular, the Sierra Nevada mountains saw a big increase in snow during February. The snowpack is an important part of the California water cycle, serving as our above ground savings account for water. During the warmer months, this snow melts providing water downstream to the rest of the state.

Sierra snowfall rate
Golden Gate Weather

Rainfall amounts varied from place to place, however, of the state ended with above average rain and snow totals. There were some locations, like the Sacramento Executive with well above rainfall. Other places like Fresno ended with near average rainfall.

rain july 1-june 30
rain south july 1-june 30

May is typically the last month with any real rainfall, as we near the dry summer months. May 2019 was a record setter for Downtown Sacramento, with 3.42” of rain. This broke the old record set back in 1889 of 3.25”.

Sacramento Wettest May

Sierra snow also made some headlines with record setting snow in February. In fact, some ski resorts announced they would extend their season through the Fourth of July weekend, since they expected enough snow to keep folks on the slopes.

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