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DWR: Sacramento Weir not expected to open Monday

The current forecasted crest of the Sacramento River at the I Street bridge is expected to hit 28.2 feet, which is below the threshold used to open the weir.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California finds itself in an extremely wet period with atmospheric river event after atmospheric river event slamming into the state, stressing the state's water infrastructure following years of drought.

Prior to the implementation of a reservoir and levee system, California's central valley would routinely flood during wet years. Such was the case during the Great Flood of 1862, which left the valley flooded for months.

Flooding infrastructure has assisted the valley in doing a much better job in controlling the unpredictable flow of water in California. Even with the recent onslaught of storms and little relief expected in the upcoming week, the Department of Water Resources is not expected to open the weir on Monday despite rumors it would.

The Sacramento Weir, completed in 1916, is situated along the right bank of the Sacramento River between the Yolo Causeway and the Garden Highway, approximately 3 miles upstream from the confluence of the American River and Sacramento Rivers, according to the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency.

The function of the weir is to divert water away from Sacramento and into the Yolo Bypass, which essentially turns into an inland lake during these situations. Since the weir was built, the city of Sacramento has not flooded.

The current level of the Sacramento River at the I Street bridge is 26.5 feet and is expected to crest at 28.2 feet on Tuesday. The closest the river has gotten to flood stage (33.5 feet) was in 1986 when it reached 30.6 feet.

The weir will be getting its first upgrades in its over 100-year life. The approximately $350 million project involves widening the 1,950-foot weir an additional 1,500 feet north, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

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