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'Loss for words' | Amador rescue group taking horses to safety in dangerous winter conditions

So far, eight horses have been rescued by E.T.A, or Evacuation Teams of Amador

JACKSON, Calif. — When heavy snow in Pioneer caused a shed's roof to collapse on horses Sierra and Tieno last Thursday, Maritza Palumbo knew she needed help to get her horses to safety fast.

"They were standing outside the shed, neither one of them got hurt, but now they were in belly feet of snow," said Palumbo

Palumbo quickly searched social media and found animal rescue group "Evacuation Teams of Amador" (ETA).

She says within minutes, arrangements were being made to move her horses to safer ground.

"It was somebody who could come in with all that snow in a horse trailer, help us walk them off the property and onto the main road," said Palumbo.

So far, ETA has rescued eight horses. Some have been relocated to the Laughton Ranch in Jackson, home to the group's founder Bobbi Laughton.

"We put a all call out on Facebook and Instagram and whoever needed us to come and help take animals out we were more than willing to do that," said Valerie Anderson, secretary for ETA.

Started in 2015, the nonprofit has 78 certified animal rescue volunteers. They also perform rescues during fire season.

Ed Stacher is behind the wheel in treacherous conditions.

"It's bad. You gotta be careful. Pay attention to what you're doing. Make sure you don't hurt he animals loading them or unloading them of course," said Stacher.

The group can also deliver food to the animals on site, as well as do welfare checks.

For 24-year Sierra and 17-year old Tieno their rescues came just in time.

"Amazing! I was lost for words," said Palumbo.

The rescue group is run by donations. If anyone would like to donate, go to their website www.amadorevacs.com.


Heavy snowfall, closed roads in Amador County

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