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Some near San Joaquin River choosing not to leave despite evacuation order

"When the water's coming, we monitor it. We help each other. We put all our stuff up. We're totally ready when this water comes," said Dorroh.

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, Calif. — People living along the San Joaquin River on both Airport Court in Manteca and in Haven Acres Marina in Lathrop are under evacuation orders.  

Homes at the Cardoza Villa Corporation are inundated with water coming up to their doors. While there is an evacuation order in place, most residents say they don't plan to leave.

"Saturday at 5 p.m. they told us, anybody going out could not come back. We're like 'What?'" said Jim Dorroh, a resident of Airport Court for more than two decades. 

Dorroh says he and his neighbors were alerted of an evacuation order on Saturday for people living on Airport Court near Manteca. Initially, it caused people living in the area to be irritated. 

"We're not coming and going hourly and hourly, but we got to go out and do things. You know, Monday people got to go to work. And we got a dog that needs to go to the vet. My wife's got a follow-up surgery appointment that she's got to go to. We got to do those things. Greg's got to get meds for his wife," said Dorroh. 

After speaking with the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office, he says they're working together to make sure people are getting what they need. A neighbor was seen delivering those medications by boat as residents stuck together to help one another out. 

"When the water's coming, we monitor it. We help each other. We put all our stuff up. We're totally ready when this water comes," said Dorroh. 

As for Jim Dorroh and his neighbors, they plan to stay in the area, watching out for each other. 

"It's all about preparation. And People out here, they're not slackers. I mean, we all work together. We maintain the roads out here. We maintain the well. the levee. We all work together out here. We're just one big happy family," said Dorroh. 

Officials say rising water levels are the reason behind the order, in addition to the likelihood of power outages from water encroachment on the power system for Haven Acres.

In a statement from the San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services, officials said water levels have caused lack of accessibility to roadways.

"We encourage residents to follow the evacuation order to ensure their own safety, as well as the safety of our first responders," said Tiffany Heyer, Emergency Services director for the county in a statement. "During a flood, there may be medical emergencies, fires, or electrocution due to electrical equipment short outs. Floodwaters can transport large objects downstream which can damage or remove stationary structures, such as homes. Ground saturation can result in instability, collapse, or other damage of buildings or roadways in the path of water. All of these scenarios and impacts have been considered for the safety of the public and first responders in the decision to issue evacuation notices."

There is an evacuation center already set up for people who want to evacuate. It's set up at the Manteca Senior Center located at 295 Cherry Lane in Manteca.

For more information, visit SJready.org


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