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Flooding in Wilton leaves several residents stranded at home with no way out

Neighbors in the area who have been isolated for days said they're hoping they've already seen the worst of the flooding.

WILTON, Calif. — Days after flooding began in Wilton, several people are still stranded in their homes surrounded by flooding with no way out. 

Emergency crews are repairing some of the levee breaches but roads like Green Road are closed off because of the massive flooding covering sections of the road. 

"A mess, it's a little overwhelming to be quite honest. I've got weeks and weeks of cleaning up to do," said Lance Bishop, who has lived in Wilton for 22 years.

He said his house was fine because they're elevated, and that he was able to drive out for the first time on Monday.

Earlier Monday, crews with the Cosumnes River Levee District worked on a site on the west side of Wilton Bridge on the north side of the river.  

"We have the one small 20-foot breach on the east side south, and we have the one big breach east side north. (Those) Are the two breaches that we have that are known right now," said Leland Schneider, who is a member of Reclamation District 800 and the Cosumnes River Levee District. 

The agency had about 40 people working on one of the levees as they prepare for more rain. They're also still accessing further west of the site, and they may need to bring in another crew if it's needed before the next storm comes in on Wednesday and Thursday.

"The next storm event, they're calling for 10 foot, which is a little bit less than what we had. But nobody can predict what these storms are going to do, especially when they're warm. So we really don't know what we have, but it could be just as bad as we saw on Thursday," said Schneider. 

For Lance Bishop, an end to the rain couldn't come soon enough.

"You kinda live with that out here. I mean that's what it's like. You know, it's country life I guess. I mean, we don't need this rain right now. I mean, I've had enough. Now, I know we're in a drought but I'm done," said Bishop. 

Tuesday, crews plan to move to the east side of Wilton to further fix the big breach. They're asking community members to be cautious as their trucks make their way through the area."


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