SODA SPRINGS, Calif. — After already enduring one of the most brutal winters in the last decade, residents of Soda Springs now have to brace for a spring snowstorm! 

As much as 24 inches of snow could fall in the Sierra Nevada over the next couple days.

"It's really difficult to describe," said Soda Springs resident, Barbara Fitterer. "When you tell people, nobody believes it. The snow is above your window and it's black. You're dark all winter. It's a very strange experience."

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Fitterer has lived in Soda Springs the last 10 years and has never seen anything like this. Now that the snow is expected to be here by early Thursday morning, she realizes she has to make some decisions. 

"It's fight or flight all the time. Do we stay? Do we shovel it? Do we shut down the house? Do we go to Reno and gamble? And that's the debate today," Fitterer told ABC10.

Other residents are in disbelief that they're expected to receive this much snow in the middle of May.

"I was surprised," Chris Holcomb said. "Usually. I get to point where I stop looking at the weather. But the boss man told me that we have 4 to 8 inches coming in, and now it's up to a foot, possibly."

While some residents will flee the area, others plan to stick it out.

"We just have to cope and deal with it. Traffic is never fun. That's the worst part of the storm. But, yeah, we just endure and keep pushing through," said Holcomb.

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