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The Strawberry Moon is coming, but it won't be red

This June 17 watch for a full moon, with a summer twist.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The full moon for the month of June is coming on Monday, June 17, and it has a quirky name.

Through the years, full moons have been named by various areas and cultures to represent what may be happening at the same time as the moon's visibility. For some Native American tribes, the June moon happens during the harvest of certain fruit, like cherries or strawberries, hence the Strawberry Moon.

Some may take the next step and assume that this moon may look different or it might be called Strawberry because it can take on a reddish hue, like moons in the past. Sadly, this will not be the case on Monday, June 17, and the moon will appear bright and full with no extra colors. If you're on the West Coast, the best time to see the Strawberry moon is around 1:30 a.m. PST.

If you ever see a deep red or brown coloration on a moon, it's likely from a lunar eclipse, or from smoke or particle pollution often seen for moonrise or moonset.

So, enjoy the full moon, but don't expect any free fruit falling from the sky.

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