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How long before California needs more rain?

Right now, we have a generous surplus, but how long before we need more rain?

CALIFORNIA, USA — California is known for long stretches of dry weather. Our water year begins Oct. 1 as the state picks up the majority of its rainfall during the months of November through April, better known as our "rainy season."

Credit: ABC 10

The graph below shares a look at how much rainfall we pick up each month of the year. This graphic shows the majority of our rainfall is during the months of December, January and February. During these months, we average more than 3 inches of rainfall. The average amount of rainfall we pick up for the year is 18.14 inches.

Credit: ABC 10

As some may recall, we've had some pretty historic winter storms during this water year. These storms have set us up for a great start. Just look, so far as of today's date, we've picked up 14.42 inches of rainfall at Sacramento Executive Airport. This gives us a surplus of 6.31 inches of rainfall.  

Credit: ABC 10

So, if we pick up no more rainfall, this surplus will last us till the middle of March 2022.  



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