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Weather you know

Rob Carlmark gets answers to all sorts of weather questions, straight from the kids.

We all have questions about the weather but sometimes we are too embarrassed to ask. No problem, we let the kids do it for you!

ABC 10's Rob Carlmark is answering questions kids have about all sorts of weather topics. From rain to snow, sunshine, or even tornadoes - we have it covered! Take a look, you just might learn something too.

Does your kid have weather questions? Do you know of a school that would be interested in being a part of Weather You Know? Please tell us with an email to weather@abc10.com.

What is the difference between global warming and climate change?

How is the sun so hot?

Why do rainbows have 7 colors?

Why do snow only fall in some parts of the world?


What was the worst weather you had to deal with?

How do you know what the future weather will be?

Why is it so cold in the winter time?

How does a hailstorm start?

What is sleet?

Can weather effect people's moods?

What is your favorite type of cloud?

How much does air weigh?