We all have questions about the weather but sometimes we are too embarrassed to ask. No problem, we let the kids do it for you!

ABC 10's Rob Carlmark is answering questions kids have about all sorts of weather topics. From rain to snow, sunshine, or even tornadoes - we have it covered! Take a look, you just might learn something too.

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Are all stars as hot as the Sun?

What is the timing between Supermoons?

When is it going to be hot?

Why can't you see the end of a rainbow?

Why is summer the hottest season?

When is it going to get warmer?

How do tornadoes happen?

Why is snow white?

When will it stop raining?

What causes the trees to fall?

What is rain made of?

How can volcanoes change the weather?

How are Nimbostratus clouds different from Cumulonimbus clouds?

How do you know when a storm is coming?

How does wind form?

Why doesn't it rain all the time and why is the sky pink when unicorns come?

Do you know what the weather is?

Why is it always sunny in Sacramento?

Why is it sometimes hot and sometimes cold?

How does weather go place to place?

Why does it never snow in Sacramento?

How do you predict the weather a few days from now?

How does lightning form and why is it so bright?