SACRAMENTO - The mothers of two Yolo County teenagers are pleading for their return. Enrique Rios, 16 and Elijah Moore, 17, go to school together. Neither have cars.

Enrique went missing six weeks ago. Elijah went missing three weeks later. There are no leads, and their moms said they will put up missing posters until they get answers.

Alicia Moore is Elijah's mom and Lola Rios is Enrique's mom. They sat together in the Rios family living room clinching posters of their sons.

“Where’s my baby at, because it is cold outside,” Moore said.

They said thoughts run through their minds. Days have turned to weeks and now, it's more than a month for Rios.

"We are over here trying to find our children, and we don’t know if they are okay," Rios said.

Both mothers said their sons were not angels. They recently got in trouble for fighting at school and were moved to a continuation school and placed on probation. Because they had good behavior, the teens were able to work in a construction program where they made money and learned different trades. Enrique is the only one that has ever ran away before but never this long.

“There is nothing to suggest he was doing anything else other than school and work,” Moore said.

They vanished without a trace, Elijah on his way home, and Enrique with a text that said he needed to be free.

With a plea of hope and prayers and desperation, the families begged for the boys to come home or someone to come forward.

“Please come home. Please come home,” Moore said.

If you have any information on these teens contact Woodland Police (530) 666-2411 or Yolo County Sheriff's Office (530) 666-8282. You can also reach out here.