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Life-size gingerbread house is a holiday display like no other | Bartell's Backroads

Suisun City decorators go all out on eye-popping display that is a labor of love and the result of a dare.

SUISUN CITY, Calif. — During the day, Shoveller Drive in Suisun City looks like any other neighborhood, but at the stroke of 6 p.m. one house lights up brighter than all the others. That house is known as VnA’s Gingy House and it’s a holiday display like no other.

Vincent Tanciongco and Aaron Sencil are the creators, or should we say the "bakers" of the Gingy House? 

“He’s the chef, I am the sous chef,” said Tanciongco. 

The creation of the sugary-themed wonderland started back in 2017, shortly after the two moved to the neighborhood. At the time their house was full of boxes and packing material. 

“He goes, 'I bet I can make this into a gingerbread house,' and I said, 'I dare you.' And today I probably regret that dare,” said Tanciongco.

Spanning their entire front lawn to the top of their roof, every piece of the display is handmade. “Well we start in summer. We bring everything out of storage and start repainting everything,” said Sencil.

You may think a display like this costs a fortune, but Vincent and Aaron are actually very frugal and environmentally conscious decorators.

“About 90% of the house is made from upcycled or recycled materials and that’s what makes it fun and challenging,” said Sencil.

The display is open to the public every night, but Friday nights are special. 

“Every Friday night there is a theme. This year it is dedicated to cultural heritage,” said Sencil. 

Tanciongco and Sencil are proud supporters of Suisun City's diversity. They’ve welcomed heritage groups of all kinds to perform at the Gingy House.

The Gingy House attracts hundreds of people every night from Thanksgiving to New Year's, and to do that, Tanciongco and Sencil need the support of their neighbors. 

“The first two years it was only direct family decorating. Then the last two years it branched out to our neighbors, high school kids and now everybody helps,” said Tanciongco.

What started out as a dare is now turning into a non-profit that will bring art and decoration workshops to the community. 

“All the money that we are fundraising will go back into the tools to create those art programs,’ said Tanciongco.

CLICK HERE to find the Gingy House or see what cultural group is performing.

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