Update: The "Bucket List Best Friends" officially broke the old record! They set the new world record of 3,715 bone marrow donor sign ups in 24 hours!

The two friends from Carmichael, who are on a mission to complete their bucket list after one of them was diagnosed with leukemia, need your help to accomplish one of the items: To set a world record.

On Thursday March 1, Chris Betancourt, 20, and Dillon Hill, 19, are hoping to break a record of the most people in a 24 hour period to sign up for the "Be The Match" bone marrow registry.

"So far, that record is 3,000 in one day," Betancourt said. "We're hoping we can smoke that."

To help them with their mission, they're asking people go to their website OneList.Life and click on "Join the Registry."

To raise awareness for their attempt at the record, Betancourt and Hill started a viral Internet challenge called #LemonsforLeukemia.

"We started to challenge people to make lemonade in the most creative way possible," Hill said. "Some people, like Chris, bit into it...some people shot it with a machine gun."

The challenge on Thursday is not only about raising awareness. The two friends say it's also about saving lives.

Betancourt, who was told last year he may only have two years to live, still has not found a bone marrow donor. The more people that sign up, the more likely a chance he has to get a match.

"Matches between donors and patients are very closely tied to heritage and ancestry and ethnicity," Alexander Sigua, a Bloodsource and Be the Match representative explained. "So, it's important that we have a very diverse registry."

To sign up for the "Be The Match" registry click here.