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San Diego lawmaker announces resignation from State Assembly to lead labor organization

Four-time State Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez announced her decision to leave the legislature to become the California Labor Federation union leader.
Credit: ABC10

SAN DIEGO — After more than eight years working alongside other lawmakers in California's State Legislature, Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez said on Monday she will be stepping down from her official government role.

The California Labor Federation released a statement saying Gonzalez intends to resign on Wednesday to join the federation of labor unions. She is expected to succeed outgoing chief officer Art Pulaski in July.

Why she's leaving

With outgoing leader Pulaski overseeing the federation of labor unions since 1996, he said on Monday that no person other than Gonzalez is more qualified and committed to the advocacy of working people.

"Assemblymember Gonzales lives and breathes union values every day," Pulaski said. "We couldn't be more excited for Gonzalez' return to the labor movement."

The California Democrat once served as secretary of the treasury and CEO of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council.

Later as an assemblymember, Gonzalez advocated for a minimum wage raise, expanded paid sick leave and other worker-related issues.

"We did a lot. But, the only way to truly change the lives of working Californians is to empower them at work. No law is ever as powerful as a union contract," she tweeted on Monday. "So, now, I will simply continue my service by singularly focusing on strengthening the labor movement. Thank you."

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