Davis voters could ultimately decide whether the city sees new student housing.

If the Nishi proposal sounds familiar, it's because voters rejected the mixed-use project in 2016. But it's different this time around.

"This is an emphasis on student-oriented housing," said Davis Community Development Administrator Katherine Hess.

The project would add housing adjacent to UC Davis for up to 2,600 students. But there's a small catch, UC Davis would have to give up land for a new roadway under the railroad tracks between the university and the property.

Voters had concerns in 2016 over traffic because of the mixed-use aspect of the project.

Hess said the city needs to look at limiting the impact of trips on West Olive Drive and the Richards Boulevard corridor.

A meeting between the city and UC Davis over the project is scheduled for next week. The Davis City Council would need to put the proposal on the June 2018 ballot for voters for decide.