A group of teens in Elk Grove hope to break down some of the stereotypes between all the different high schools in the area. On Saturday, they got together at the Wackford Community Complex for a day of unity.

The teens engaged in different activates to help them develop leadership skills and improve their confidence.

The event was hosted by the Teen Action Committee at the Cosumnes Community Services District.

"I think there's a lot of division for teens within Elk Grove based on school and other stuff that divides people,” said Christian Parham, president of TAC.

"Some of the feedback that we got from the teens was that there are stereotypes placed on them based on what schools they go to,” said Jenna Brinkman from the Consumnes Community Services District.

The teens separated into small groups and opened up about things they wished others knew about them.

“So this opportunity is for them to mingle and meet each other and have deeper conversations,” Brinkman adds.

“Everyone harbors stereotypes," Parham said. "I feel like when you connect with people they break down."

Parham also explains how the Florida teens who are taking action for the changes they want to see after the shootings have inspired her.

“It just encouraged me to be more proactive and take the time to get to know people and step outside of my own comfort zone.”