A few weeks ago we reported Snapchat videos surfaced of a student making racist comments against black people.

The community forum was held in light of recent events and issues involving hate and racism. The location was moved to Sheldon High School Performing Arts Center because of the number of people registered.

"I wanna hear the district's plan to alleviate the plans that we have of racism and the problems we have in the school district," said Clinton Crispen, a concerned resident.

"My daughter is an educator in the district," said Al Rowlett, a parent. "She's a principal in one of the elementary schools and clearly there are opportunities to engage and engage students in a way that I think shifts the trajectory of the conversation and that's why I wanted to be here."

One area of concern is social media.

"Social media has changed how we communicate and we want to help our students and my children," Rowlett said. "I want them to understand the implications of that."

Hundreds of people packed the performing arts center to speak out.

Some of them talked about their experiences as a student and even educators said they want more to help teach every child when it involves race.

The school district didn't have another statement to make aside from a letter sent out from the superintendent.

In the statement Superintendent Christopher Hoffman said "it is clear that we urgently need to do better."

"I am concerned, but I have been in the Elk Grove School district for a long time with my oldest being 22 years old and starting in kindergarten and I know this is a very good school district I have absolutely no complaints about it I just think we went in the wrong direction," said Noemi Sharma, a parent.