A man in Lodi is under arrest, charged with several felonies including the alleged attempted murder of his father.

San Joaquin County sheriff’s deputies arrived at a Lodi home Tuesday following calls of a son assaulting his father with a knife, deputies said.

As deputies arrived at the scene, the son reportedly fled the scene, already facing alleged attempted homicide and criminal threats, according to deputies.

Later in the evening family members called deputies, reporting their son had returned to the home.

As deputies arrived back in the area they located the son, identified as Felipe Pineda, 33, in his pickup truck.

Deputies said Pineda initially stopped, then fled leading deputies on a 5-mile chase, reaching speeds up to 60 mph.

The pursuit ended when Pineda pulled into a nearby shopping center, stopping in front of the main entrance.

However, Pineda reportedly refused to listen to deputies’ orders, forcing them to break the passenger window to get to him.

Deputies then sent their K-9 to recover Pineda, but the man became violent with the dog, which prompted officers to use a taser to subdue the suspect.

Pineda was initially taken to a hospital for treatment, but was quickly cleared of any injuries prior to booking, deputies said.

Pineda was then taken to San Joaquin County Jail where he was booked and charged with attempted murder, battery on a peace officer, resisting arrest, carrying a concealed dagger, willful harm to an officer’s dog, criminal threats and felony evasion.