Several members of the Capital Gun Club in Roseville have an idea to make local schools safer.

The members came forward to club owner Joe Deaser after the mass shooting last week in Parkland, Florida.

Most of the members are retired and all have concealed carry permits in California.

"Having somebody posted someplace on campus and having to run some place to help out is different than having multiple people sort of roaming through the school,” Deaser said.

Deaser has contacted several Roseville High Schools to ask if the schools are interested in having these armed security volunteers in private clothes patrol the school.

The Capital Gun Club is waiting to hear back from the schools. As the debate of arming teachers in schools takes place nationally, it was outlawed by the state assembly last year.

Teachers are not allowed to carry firearms onto campus. However, the few exceptions are for current or retired law enforcement and security guards.

Deaser said the volunteers would likely need to take a course beyond what is necessary for a concealed carry permit.

The training would look more along the lines of what the firearm training law enforcement officers undergo.