Day two of recovery efforts concluded Saturday for a tow truck that plunged off of Highway 50 and into the Sacramento River on March 26. California Highway Patrol said that they will return Sunday morning prepared to recover the vehicle. 

"(Divers) made significant progress to secure tie downs to hopefully recover the vehicle (Sunday) morning," said CHP Officer Michael Bradley. "Being in the water, in the dark, that long and making that type of progress is significant."

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Bradley explained that the divers had to pull the bed of the tow truck out of the silt to get hookups secure enough to pull the truck from the water.  Despite those efforts and the confidence that the truck can now be pulled, crews can't be 100 percent certain that their efforts will conclude Sunday. 

"You never know what happens when the vehicle starts to move. Something that they couldn't see could possibly go wrong," Officer Bradley said. "It's gonna be a slow and steady recovery — its 38 feet down." 

Friends and family members of Shalvinesh and Roselyn Sharma have been anxiously awaiting the recovery of the Justin's Towing Services tow truck. Since the crash on March 26, they have held firm that the couple was in the truck at the time of the crash and that they were killed as a result. 

On Thursday the body of Shalvinesh Sharma was found floating in the Sacramento River, not far from where the tow truck is being recovered. 

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The Yolo County Coroner has not yet determined Sharma's cause of death, but family members hold firm that Roselyn will be found in the tow truck when it is pulled from the river. 

Sunday morning CHP and the Global Diving and Salvage team will return to the spot near Pioneer Bridge to begin day three of the recovery effort. CHP said they will start with a safety briefing at 6 a.m. and then get the team on the barge and attempt to pull the truck from the river. 

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