The answer isn't cut and dry, but it’s a recurring question that's being asked.

The Sacramento Kings officially announced Thursday they’ll bid for the 2022 NBA All Star Game, but the one hurdle that has been brought up before is how much hotel space is in the area.

The Kings touted Sacramento’s ‘Farm to Fork’ food culture and say they’ll have self-driving cars and a dedicated freeway lane to pick up visitors from the airport to their hotels.

During last weekend’s All-Star Game, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said that he’s a big fan of Sacramento getting the game.

“I haven't seen their bid yet, but the ultimate issue, as we've discussed in the past, is whether there are adequate hotel rooms in the Sacramento area to host an All-Star,” said Silver in a press conference at last week’s All-Star game.

Visit Sacramento’s CEO, Mike Testa, talked about what the city’s doing to fill the gap. He argues that it’s a misconception that Sacramento doesn’t have enough rooms, but it depends on how you look at it.

The NBA requires 6,000 rooms to be in close proximity to host the popular event. There are about 16,000 rooms within 30 to 45 minute drive with traffic, stretching from Rocklin to Davis.

He explained that a 15 mile drive from Davis to Sacramento wouldn't take the same amount of time as a 15 mile drive in a larger city like Los Angeles. Not to mention another 1,000 that could be brought up the Sacramento River on cruise ships and parked at the Port of West Sacramento.

Also, the Kings are working to set aside another 1,000 Airbnb rooms.