SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It’s no secret that dating can be difficult, but for singles in Sacramento, the dating scene is especially brutal. And if you are a millennial, you would be better off dating just about anywhere else but here.

Overall Rating

A new survey from Apartment List ranked Sacramento as the 11th worst city in the country for dater satisfaction. Only 18 percent of those surveyed said they were happy with the dating scene in Sacramento.

Austin, Texas was named the top spot for daters, with nearly 40 percent satisfied with their dating opportunities. That is more than double the Sacramento score.

People looking for love in Sacramento might have better luck looking west. San Francisco fared much better and was named the third best city for dating. Here’s how other cities in California ranked:

  • 3. San Francisco
  • 22. Los Angeles
  • 45. San Diego
  • 46. San Jose
  • 56. Sacramento
  • 63. Riverside

Millennials Rating

As bad as the Sacramento dating scene may be overall, it is apparently even worse for millennials (people between the ages of 23-38).

Sacramento ranked as the second worst place in the country for dating for millennials. Only Riverside, Calif. had a lower level of satisfaction. Here are the bottom three cities for millennials dating:

  • 66. Riverside – 16.21%
  • 65. Sacramento – 18.18%
  • 64. Baltimore – 23.38%

Men vs Women

The survey also found dating in Sacramento is more unsatisfying for women than men. About 24 percent of men were happy with the dating scene in Sacramento, while only 17 percent of women felt the same way.


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