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California's gas prices are on the rise. Here are the best ways to save.

AAA said the main culprit is the rising cost of oil.

CALIFORNIA, USA — Gas prices are on the rise in California. The current average for a gallon of regular gas is around $5.65, which is about 50 cents higher than what drivers were paying a month ago.

As a result, drivers are feeling their share of pain at the pump. Near Sacramento's Curtis Park neighborhood, drivers are paying $5.55 per gallon for regular gas, just below California's average.

Some drivers said they are cutting back spending where they can to make sure they can get around.

 "The gas prices, it's way too much," said Rossan Besnet. "I need to cut my other expenses to fuel my car."

As for why gas prices are going up, AAA said the main culprit is the rising cost of oil.

But there are several ways people can save: combine errands into one trip, see if gas stations nearby have rewards programs for discounts on gas purchases and look for the cheapest gas nearby with the help of sites like GasBuddy.

People can also improve their car's efficiency by getting regular maintenance on their vehicle, which includes oil changes and checking the air in their tires at least once a month.

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