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Why Guy | Why is the print in the California voter guides so small?

In this week's Why Guy, Walt looks into why the text type on voter guides is so small. And he learns if it will be fixed before November.

Today's Why Guy question from L. Cowan: "Why is the print in the California voter guides so small, it's impossible to read. We called and they are aware of this but they stated that it was too late to reprint. How does something like this happen?"

The Sacramento County Board of Elections confirmed that they are aware of the small print on the sample ballot. It's literally so small you can't read it and it's from pages 17 thru 48. That's a lot of pages in the voter information guide. The specific pages, they say, are actual copies of the 11 x 17" ballot, shrunken down to fit the 8.5 by 11" pages.

ABC10 contacted Sacramento County spokesperson Janna Haynes to find out what happened. And, what are they doing about it?

"For voters that want larger copies, they can call our office and request large print sample ballots and we'll send them or they can look up the specific guide online," Haynes replied.

Voters received their ballots in the mail in early February and many ballots have been filled out by voters, who have started to return them into the elections office. The election is March 3.

But can the voter guides be fixed in time for the general election in nine months?

"For November, we're already working on a solution to this problem. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused voters and will accommodate needs for this election and fix the problem for November," said Haynes.

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