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Are millennials killing California?

Sixty three percent of millennials say they want to leave, but California's economy and growth is still in the top five among young people.


How about this for a crazy headline, millennials are killing California!

Why? Because they’re leaving the state. Strange, right? But get this, millennials aren’t completely killing California. 

The Golden State is ranked number four in the economic rankings and half of the weight of that stat comes from the growth rankings. And a big part of that is how many young people are coming to the state. California is ranked fifth in growth.

As for states millennials are moving to, California doesn’t crack the top 10, but as for cities they’re moving to, Sacramento and San Jose ranked three and seven, respectively. And Oakland is in the top 20. 

So, even though it looks like they’re making their way to Northern California, where does the killing come from?

According to a survey, 63 percent of millennials say they’re planning on leaving California because they can’t afford it. It makes sense considering one in three millennials now live with their parents. Now that’s not necessarily because they want to, but more because they can’t afford to live alone in this economy.

Take Sacramento for example. Seventy three percent of renters plan on leaving the area, because of jobs, affordability and safety. While it does look like people are planning on leaving, it doesn't mean they are, yet.

So are millennials killing California? Let’s check back again in 20 years.

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